Brene Brown Meets The Enneagram

Tallon Consulting Group is committed to helping individuals become healthier human beings who can thereby serve the world as compassionate, vulnerable and courageous leaders. We are driven by the core principle of Self-Awareness. Until we understand our strengths, challenges, gifts, blind spots and opportunities for growth, we can never be our best selves. This inner focus sets us apart from others and allows for real, meaningful results which speak for themselves – in the continued success, health and longevity of our clients.

Through our partnership with Donna Tallon, a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator (CDTLF), we established our premier leadership development platform. Our programming includes the Enneagram System of Personality, as well as Brené Brown’s DTL teaching tools to provide for optimal growth. Integrating both models has proven to be significant and profound. No other consulting company offers the breadth of experience with these two transformative models.

Brené Brown’s


As a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, Tallon Consulting Group is trained and certified to bring the Dare to Lead™ research directly to your organization for game changing, positive impact. Through workshops and coaching, we bring Brené Brown’s research on topics critical to effective leadership directly to you and your team, including courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. We’re laser focused on helping your team develop skills to build courage while teaching individuals and groups how to move from “armored leadership to daring leadership.” Our Dare to Lead™ Curriculum combines videos, in-person or remote facilitation, and workshop exercises.



We approach our work through the Enneagram System of Personality. The Enneagram is a profound, accurate and elegant tool that helps individuals experience themselves in new and often life altering ways. While there are many personality models out there, we have found the Enneagram to be the most accurate and useful to ones life both professionally and personally. With over 30 years of experience using the Enneagram, Tallon Consulting Group is at the forefront of the Enneagram’s effectiveness. As you read further in our website you will see how we implement the Enneagram in our Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Team Learning programs.

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